Invest in top Venture Capital and Private Equity funds for as little as $1.

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How we help you?

Poolit offers premier alternative investment opportunities with some of the most successful fund managers in the world.

Our concern

Very few have participated inthe higher returns generated by alternative assets like Private Equity and Venture Capital.

Our solution

Poolit expands access to premier alternative investments, empowering more people to realize their full financial potential.

For illustrative purposes only. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Source: Derived from J.P. Morgan Asset Management; Personal Capital; KKR; Pew Charitable Trusts; Nacubo; Gridline

Why invest in Alts

By accessing exclusive alternative investments with top fund managers, you can realize greater portfolio potential.

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See the Alternative difference

Try this calculator and see for yourself how much you can grow your wealth with Alternatives. Start by entering your initial investment, add a monthly contribution, and select how many years you’d like to invest. Then, we’ll show you how much your savings can grow over time.

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Investment Safety

We’ve put rigorous safeguards in place to ensure we adhere to the highest standards and protocols, in order to seamlessly bring you premier alternative investment opportunities.

Our Team

Our team brings together decades of experience, earned at some of the most prestigious brands in finance and investing.

Accredited Investor

Our team earned experience from top financial brands including:

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